Maggie Blackley Stone Sculpture Ireland
Images of Work to Date

Maggie Blackley lives near Fermoy, Co. Cork.  She works principally in stone but also exhibits some 2D work - principallly Life Drawing.

She has exhibited at the Kinsale Arts Week, the Lavit Gallery, Cork, the Royal Hibernian Academy Summer Exhibition, Kennys Gallery, Galway, the Sheepchandler, Roundstone, Lismore Arts Centre and the civic gallery in Dungarvan. 

The stone in these photographs includes:

Kilkenny Limestone - grey uniform stone which can be finished in various ways, giving variation in colour from pale grey to black and in surface from smooth to textured.  A beautiful and subtle stone which sometimes contains excellent fossils.

Johnstown Marble (or Johnstown Puce - colour self-explanatory).  This used to be quarried about 2km from Maggie's home but the quarry is now closed and 'lost' and stones must come from farm walls, etc.

Connemara Marble.  Forget the tourist mementoes, ashtrays, keyrings, etc.!!  This is a magical stone from beneath the bogs of Connemara, varying in colour from all greens to greys and purple elements.

Portuguese Limestone.  A creamy limestone, only available when the large commercial quarry imports an order and has offcuts.

Portland Stone.  This lovely, creamy English stone is uniform in texture and so a delight to work.

..... and other odds and ends from time to time!

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